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Embedding SCC Library Resources (for Faculty)

Instructions and ideas for embedding library resources into Canvas.

Persistent Links

What are persistent links?

These are links provided by each database that do not expire; they are the permanent link to the article.  You need to use persistent links, NOT the URL in your browser's address bar, as that URL will expire and students will not be able to access the source. Each database is a little different: some provide a "bookmark", some a "direct URL", some a "permalink".  This guide will give some guidance for persistent links in each major library database.

Where can I use persistent links?

You can copy and paste persistent links directly into your Canvas shell or an email. 

How do persistent links work off-campus?

As long as the link includes our proxy prefix (, the link will work off campus and will require student authentication using MySolano login credentials. 


Other Questions

Why is {insert problem here} happening?

If you're experiencing a strange access issue, links aren't working, you can't embed something, etc... just email  I'll do my best to respond and help you within 24 hours.

Can I have a LibGuide of my own?

Yes!  If you can't find a libguide that fits your area or class, please email  We'd be happy to work with you to create a libguide for your classes or area.

I'm lost.  Help?

We're happy to!  Email or so we can get started.

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