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The Library Team

Full Time Staff & Faculty

Name Role Contact Info
Bains, Rashmi Cataloguing
707.864.7235 • Rm. 106
Duane, Erin Librarian, LR10 instructor
707.864.7000 x4706 • Rm. 102
Frey, Atticus Librarian, LR10 instructor
707.864.7000 x4316 • Rm. 107
Fuller, Ruth Librarian, LR10 instructor
707.863.7814 • Room 104
McCoy, Katie Circulation


Adjunct Faculty
Name Role Contact Info

Ballerini, Karen

LR10 Instructor, Reference

Catania, Amy

LR10 Instructor, Reference
Drown, Claire Reference
Lawson, Ashlie LR10 Instructor
Madigan, Tim LR10 Instructor
Mathe, Emily LR10 Instructor, Reference
Richardson, Aaron LR10 Instructor, Reference
Rotenberg, Sandra LR10 Instructor, Reference
Segle, Megan LR10 Instructor, Reference
Scolari, Jen LR10 Instructor, Reference
Tedone, Diana LR10 Instructor
Williams, Lynne  Reference Librarian

Your Librarians

Erin Duane selfie

Erin Duane

(t): # 707.864.7000 x 4706

Atticus Frey selfie

Atticus Frey

(t): # 707.864.7000 x 4316

Ruth Fuller selfie

Ruth Fuller

(t): # 707.864.7000 x 7814

Megan Segle selfie

Megan Segle

Jen Scolari selfie

Jen Scolari

(t): # 530.867.9937

Aaron Richardson selfie

Aaron Richardson

Emily Mathe selfie

Emily Mathe

Karen Ballerini selfie

Karen Ballerini

Sandy Rotenberg selfie

Sandy Rotenberg