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If you have a Solano College or Napa County/Napa Valley College library card, you are already able to check out books and can use your SCC library card at our partner Napa County libraries. To get a new library card, apply online first, and then bring your Student ID number (either your ID card or a copy of your Student Schedule/Bill) to the Circulation Desk so we can replace your temporary ("PACREG") e-card. (Your temporary card will provide remote access to some databases and will allow you to place holds in the library catalog.
Reference librarians are available to help you with any research problem or question you might have about the library and its resources. The Circulation staff are also an excellent source of information and can point you in the right direction. Please contact us with any questions!
If you're used to the public library's organization system (usually the Dewey Decimal Classification System), you may have trouble when trying to navigate in our academic library (which uses the Library of Congress Classification System). The systems are different, but the basic idea is the same: to gather materials of similar topics together for ease of use and organization. If you need help, please ask your librarians!
Most SCC databases and the library's online catalog are available from off-campus locations. You will need your library bar-code number (located on the back of all Solano College and Napa library cards) to place holds on library books and other borrowable materials. The library's article databases (journals, magazines, newspapers, e-books, etc) are accessible from off campus with your MySolano username and password.
If you need help accessing library materials, please contact the reference librarian for assistance.
Use the "MY ACCOUNT" link in this site's navigation to access your library card account (via the Library's catalog) for information on:
  • Materials you have checked out
  • Materials you have placed on hold & are waiting for
  • Any fines you may have accrued
Please make sure you logout of your account when you are finished!
Faculty, please use this form to suggest purchases for the library's collection(s).


We have 50 desktop computers upstairs for student use, and 8 computers downstairs (2 of which are Macs) for students needing brief computer access or research assistance with a librarian.
We also have laptops and Chromebooks available for week-long checkout periods..

The library has three printer/photocopiers available (one on the ground floor and two upstairs. Please read these instructions to print your job(s). It is important that you follow the posted instructions and select the correct printer for your job.

Register an account first at or on the app. You will need your MySolano username and password credentials to complete this step. Once you have a NYT account, you can visit directly.
You also have access to the historic New York Times (1851-1980) and its archives (1981-present).
  • For articles 1851-1922: free, no limits
  • For articles 1923-1980: free, limited to 5 articles daily
  • For articles 1981-present: free, no limits

As a student (or faculty/staff member) at SCC, you have access to all the library's subscription (fee-based) databases. These databases provide access to articles, e-books, and other information sources that are often not freely available online. To access these databases, you must go through the library's website.

EZ Proxy is a server that allows you to access the library's subscription (fee-based) databases from anywhere off-campus. You just need to know your MySolano username and password (the same username/password you use to register for classes). Please note the following:

  1. EZproxy may time out after several minutes of inactivity, and you will have to re-log in.
  2. EZproxy requires cookies. Please set your browser to accept cookies from

Connecting to the library databases with EZ Proxy should be easy. From off campus, when you click on a library database link, you will be asked to log in using your MySolano log in (username/password). After a successful log in, the database will open.

Having trouble logging in?
  • When MySolano is down, access to the databases will go down.
  • Sometimes you simply need to clear your browser's cookies and search history before you try to log in.
  • If you are using a firewall at home, you may need to configure your firewall settings.
Link+ gives you access to materials throughout California and Nevada libraries (academic, public, and special libraries). See this list of participating libraries. You may request items from any of these libraries, provided it is listed as "available" in the Link+ catalog, and it will be delivered to you at SCC for checkout.
Items you request usually arrive for you to pick up in 2-4 days. Items will be held for you for pick up between 5-10 days, depending on the type of item you requested. The loan period for books and some media is 21 days with one renewal available. Other media are loaned for 7 days, with no renewals available.
Check the HELP page at Link+ for instructions on requesting and cancelling Link+ items. Search tips are also available. (Or, come ask one of our librarians for help!)
There is no charge to request or borrow LINK+ materials.
  • Late fines: $1/day per item
  • Damaged or Missing items: A charge of up to $125 will be applied to your SCC Student Account for any damaged or unreturned LINK+ materials.
  • Each item comes screened for damage ahead of time and after return, so please check your items carefully.

Code of Conduct

The Solano College Library seeks to provide all users with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for study and research. This requires that all users adhere to our code of conduct. Library usage and user activities should not be disturbed. Conduct that disturbs Library users or interferes with Library activities is prohibited. This includes excessive noise (including noise generated by audio equipment and electronic communication devices), verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, use of electronic devices or other activities that interfere with the privacy and activities of Library staff and patrons.


Snacks are allowed; meals are not. Food in the library should not impact other people, so please: do not bring any food that smells, remove your own garbage and clean up after yourself. Closed containers only (water bottles etc.)

Individuals and groups should adhere to our zone rules:

  • Ground Floor (Green): Speaking in normal voices and studying in groups is permitted.
  • Second Floor (Yellow): Hushed voices and quiet group work is permitted. Please do not talk on your phone.
  • Quiet Study (Red): This room is for SILENT individual study only. No talking allowed.
Group gaming on the Library Computers is not allowed.