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LR10 - Information Skills for College and Beyond

What is LR010?

LR010 is the course abbreviation for Introduction to Information Skills for College and Beyond. It is a one unit, for-credit course that fulfills the school's information competency requirement. Information competency is your ability to search, locate, identify, evaluate, and present high-quality resources to help you in your academic career. Some quick facts:

  • 1.0 unit course
  • For-credit course (no "pass/no pass" option)
  • UC & CSU transferable; fulfills information literacy/competency requirements for UCs/CSUs and other universities
  • Taken alongside English 001 as a co-requisite

The purpose of LR010 is to prepare every new college student for the rigors of college-level research by teaching them how to use library tools, how to develop their research skills, how to find the best information on any given topic for their course, and how to properly present that information in their projects. This course will help you not only in your English 001 class, but will provide you with a toolbox for research for the rest of your college career.


Introduction to information literacy skills necessary for academic, career, and personal life success in the digital age. Psychological, sociological, and physiological implications of information on daily life, education, work, and social relationships will be explored. Critical skills helpful for managing information needs in college, career, and lifelong learning will be emphasized.


Every student enrolled in an ENG001 course must be concurrently enrolled in an LR010. If you have previously taken LR010 before and received a passing grade, you do not need to re-take it. You will, however, need to enroll in ENG001 in person at the Office of Admissions and Records (400 bldg) to get the LR010 corequisite requirement waived.


Writing a research paper is a required assignment in English 001. As our access to information grows, strong information competency skills become more critical. At one time, information competency skills were about knowing how get information out of a few sources physically at hand. Today, these skills are about finding valid and relevant information sources in the flood of electronic information available. It is our belief (the librarians and English faculty) that the pairing of these two courses will improve your rates of success, help you to complete your courses, and teach you skills that will apply to your college career and your life.


You are going to spend somewhere around 36 hours completing this course. However, every hour you spend in this course will save you an hour on your next and future research projects. No longer will you need to tell your instructor: "I cannot find anything on this topic."

Attending LR10

LR010 is an online class with no in-person meetings. Regular computer access is a requirement of this course. All course material including readings/lectures, quizzes, and assignments is accessed online through the campus' Canvas system


The course is 16 weeks long during Fall & Spring semesters, and is usually offered during the Summer as a 6 or 8 week course.

The idea here is that you will finish your coursework in LR010 just as you start your research paper in English 001. If your English instructor has integrated the research component, your final project in LR010 will complete the research portion of your English 1 Research Paper.

Your class may not be available until the start of the semester. If you log in early, your online classroom may be "in process". Please wait until the first day of classes before you contact your instructor about course content.

Meet LR10

{5 minutes}

Instructor Syllabi & Email

Erin Duane (Syllabus author) | syllabus

Ruth Fuller (LR10 Facilitator) | syllabus

Atticus Frey | syllabus

Sandra Rotenberg

Jen Scolari | syllabus

Lia Thomas

Diana Tedone

Aaron Richardson | syllabus

Ashlie Lawson

Mark Fink

Tim Madigan

Amy Catania

Megan Segle