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Visual, Performing, and Literary/Language Arts

This LibGuide provides an overview of the different kinds of items that might be considered "art" and the theories and criticism that surround this category.


Performing arts, as the name suggests, have a performative element to them.  When a person hears this term, often that person will think of the theater.  Certainly, this is one area under the heading of "performing arts."  In addition, practices such as spoken word, where not only the words, but the movement and intentions behind them are part of an entire experience, exhibit the hallmarks of the performing arts.  Then, there are musical productions from symphonic presentations to ballets to festivals and beyond.  Added to these are films and television programs where actors and actresses regularly demonstrate the vast array of talents and philosophies behind acting.  Even teachers can be performers and amateur actors when conducting class.  Motivational speakers, priests, and politicians often utilize aspects of the performing arts in the course of their duties.  It can be difficult to wrap one's mind around the vast area of items that fall under "performing arts," but there are resources below to help you get started.

This section provides a sampling of books that showcase the variety of texts available in the library.  This section also includes databases and suggestions of online resources.  The items provided below are are not exhaustive, but rather represent places to start your journey and exploration into the different kinds of art under the heading "Performing Arts."

Recommended Books

Recommended Databases

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