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This LibGuide provides information on where to start when you read poetry and how to conduct a Close Reading, as well as general guidelines on how to research for papers.

Writing the Paper

Once you have finished outlining, here is the beauty of an outline.  You can start anywhere.  If you want to start with a body paragraph, you can!  If you want to start with the introduction, you can!  Here are some helpful tips for when you start writing:

  1. Follow your outline.  This will make your life much easier.
  2. Set aside a specific study area in your house, apartment, or other venue where you will do your work.
  3. Set aside a specific time every day when you sit down to do work.  Make it the same time everyday.
  4. Spend about an hour doing your work.  Then, take a ten minute break so that your brain has a chance to rest and process information.  After that, continue working as needed, using the same one hour of work/ten minutes of rest model.
  5. Do not wait until the last minute, as then you will feel rushed, and your paper will leave much to be desired.
  6. Make sure that you are analyzing, not just summarizing or explaining.

If you find that you are experiencing a little writer's block, there are a couple of tricks to try:

  1. Think of six numbers in no particular order.  Recite those numbers back to yourself as best as you can.
  2. Play a word association came with a friend or family member.  For example, "I say dog, and you say..."  The other person fills in the blank.  This activity can help unfreeze your brain.
  3. Try talking yourself through what you think you want to say.
  4. Record your ideas and play them back to you.
  5. Doodle for a moment on a scrap piece of paper.
  6. Any other quick activity that can take your mind down a different pathway for a moment.
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